Plumbing Service Group Carson City NV

Plumbing Service Group Carson City NV

Water Line Repair

The Water Line Construction and Maintenance section of Carson City Public Works is seeking to fill (2) full-time FLSA non-exempt positions. Under general supervision, performs semi-skilled work related to the maintenance and repair of water system infrastructure. This includes above-ground and underground facilities. This position requires the ability to use hand and power general maintenance tools and equipment. It also requires the ability to operate and maintain trucks and light construction equipment. The Nevada Water Distribution Operator Grade 2 certification is preferred.

Carson City, NV has a long history in mining operations, and reliable access to water is essential for businesses operating there. To help residents and businesses get the clean, safe water they need, a variety of water well drilling services are available in the area.

Water Line Replacement

Whether you’re looking for water line replacement services or are in need of emergency well repair, a qualified and experienced company can provide you with the service you deserve. You can also find companies that offer a variety of other services, such as well drilling, installation of septic systems and other water-related projects.

VIRGINIA CITY — Storey County’s popular historic mining town is getting a helping hand with its water system.

Septic System Installation

A septic system is a large concrete or steel tank that holds sewage. Wastewater flows into the tank on one side, and gases go up through a vent pipe on the other. The sewage then flows into a drain field made of perforated pipes that are deeply buried in gravel-filled trenches.

The City is working to reduce groundwater contamination (nitrates) from individual septic systems that occur throughout the southeast area of town. Once an aquifer becomes contaminated, it can cost a lot of money and take decades to restore.

Design-build firms are able to take on the roles of architects, contractors, and construction companies all under one umbrella, creating an efficient experience for both parties. This can often speed up the project significantly. Also, be sure to space out laundry loads to avoid overworking your septic system.

Septic System Repair

Septic system repair services are vital to ensure that your home’s sewage system is functioning properly. Backed-up sewage can cause significant water damage and put your health at risk. You can rely on Plumbing Services in Carson City NV to repair your septic system quickly and effectively.

Septic tank installation is a big job that can cost a lot of money, so it’s important to hire a professional septic tank company for the best results. These companies can install a new tank or repair an existing one. They can even offer financing options to help you manage your budget.

Septic systems that are located on properties served by a public sewer system must undergo a design process to ensure that effluent discharge will not impact groundwater or create a public exposure risk. Carson City EHD also inspects septic systems and investigates complaints of improper sewage releases that could affect the health and safety of the public.

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Matthew Collins